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Nov 2020: Is Time a Reality or an Illusion?

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Travelling in time...Is it possible? Why do we need time zones and how many are there globally? What time system is used in Antarctica, which sits on every line of longitude in the world? How did people measure time before the clocks were invented? And is time a reality or an illusion?

We explored all these questions and much more during our virtual Pen Buddies session on the 15th of November 2020.

Together we learnt about time periods, for example BC means "Before Christ" and AD means "Anno Domini" (the birth of Christ) or Common Era (CE). We discovered that in Ethiopia people measure their time in 12 hours, as they are close to Equator and have equal hours for days and nights, hence their morning starts at 1AM, but in time zone terms it is 7AM East African Time. We were surprised that Russia has 11 time zones, and though China has 3 time zones, they use standard time across the country. We learnt what UCT, GMT and BST means, and we played a game, calculating what time is it in different countries when it is 12:30PM in UK.

And of course we all enjoyed our Fun Quiz, where we learnt that actually the 30th Of February was a real date in Sweden before they moved to Gregorian calendar, and many other interesting facts about the time system. In the end we learned how to make our own Sand Timer. You can see the result on the picture above.

Want to explore the world with us, learn new things and have fun? Join our next session on the 13th of December 2020. Register here.


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