"We have connected over 500 pen friends from England, China, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Russia, Namibia & Malaysia."

Wisdom Pen Buddies is a project initiated by Wisdom Foundation to provide children an experience to learn about different cultural backgrounds and enhance their ability to overcome communication challenges. This is a project to bring people from different corners of the world together and closer so that our children will be able to build their self-confidence and awareness by experiencing the world and life through writing letters to their pen buddies in

different countries with our safe network.


At the same time, children can understand the background and culture of being appreciative. Also, we cultivate the right attitude of the younger generation to live in harmony and create a better world in the future.

Fun Cultural Learning

We teach a wide range of global cultural topics and share our knowledge through fun learning activities

Share With Pen Friends

We connect children from different countries through letters' exchange to their pen buddies, enabling communication across the world

We teach and connect children globally

Key Objectives

  • Improve language literacy for better communication skills

  • Develop mutual understanding of different cultures

  • Promote mutual respect through understanding the differences 

  • Cultivate kindness and gratitude to shape thoughtful community

  • Improve self-confidence and equal learning opportunity

Our Goal

Our goal is to sustain the connections between Pen Buddies and continue to deliver fun and educational sessions to all participants. Since 2018 we have paired over 500 children from 11 locations across 7 countries.

13, Ensign Way, Stanwell,


TW18 7RE, United Kingdom.

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