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We have connected over 1,600 pen buddies from the UK, Russia, Namibia, China, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia since 2018.

Pen Buddies is a programme initiated by Wisdom Foundation to provide a safe platform for kids to make pen friends, learn about cultures around the world and grow wisdom together. Through workshops and letter exchange, we enable the children to overcome communication challenges, build their self-confidence, cultivate gratitude from mutual understanding, also reduce bullying and discrimination. We aim to cultivate the younger generation's aspiration to live in harmony and enjoy a better world.

Key Objectives

  • Improve language literacy for better communication skills

  • Develop a mutual understanding of different cultures

  • Promote mutual respect by understanding the differences 

  • Cultivate gratitude to shape thoughtful community

  • Improve self-confidence and equal learning opportunity

  • Reduce bullying and discrimination at school and other educational institutions

Our Goal

Our current goal is to sustain the connections between pen buddies and continue to deliver educational workshops to all participants. Since 2018, we have paired over 1,600 children from more than 11 locations across 9 countries.

Participated Schools & Organisations
Chengdu Tianfu District Primary 1
Chengdu Tianfu District Primary 7
Hong Kong Tung Wan Mok Law Shui Wah School
Shanghai Alumni Primary School

Subscribe to our programme

By subscribing to Pen Buddies Programme, you will make a positive impact on the world. All profits will fund the school workshops, creation of the bespoke videos, and the facilitation of letters exchanged with children in disadvantaged areas who do not have access to the education systems. 

By joining our programme, the children can explore and understand the cultural subtleties, and become aware of the similarities between the nations, even if we look and act differently. They will also learn to embrace our diverse world, find harmony, and appreciate every moment. Together, we are creating a world filled with love and beauty for generations to come. Join us today and let us make the world a better place for everyone!

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