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Registered Charity: 1162663

Wisdom Living Limited

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Wisdom (Zhihui) Foundation is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) that registered under the UK Charity Commission (1162663) on 14th July 2015. We dedicate our strength and energy to connect the world and give people the opportunity to gain wisdom through global experiential learning, hence create harmonious living by understanding the differences.

We define global experiential learning as a form of physical experience in different countries, or understanding the world through academic, social and cultural learning. We promote all forms of equal global-learning opportunities, so that everyone will be wiser and live peacefully. 

Our key objective is to nurture wisdom for harmonious living.

5 Key Missions

(1) Provide equal global-learning opportunities;
(2) Encourage self-development through learning;
(3) Reduce global poverty and illiteracy; 
(4) Empower empathy, fairness and respect;
(5) Promote mutual understanding across cultures.

Our Goal

Our goal is to sustain the 5 key missions throughout all initiated projects and maintain relationships across countries through our global experiential learning activities. 

Meet The Global Team

Catherine Nicholls

  • Catherine Nicholls

Trustee & Chairlady

Betty H.W. Yeung

  • Betty Yeung

Trustee & Vice Chairlady

Anastasia Petrova

  • Anastasia

Trustee & PenBuddies Project Director

Mona Han

  • Mona

Trustee & Treasurer

Cllr. Lawrence Williams

  • Cllr. Lawrence

Honourable UK

Charity Ambassador


Jane Kelly

  • Cllr. Kelly Jane

Honourable UK

Charity Ambassador

Lydia Jiang


Honourable China

Charity Ambassador

Mr Cheng


Honourable Hong Kong

Charity Ambassador

Ken Gong

  • Ken Gong

Trustee & Business

Development Manager

Sue Warr

  • Sue Warr



Swee Ghai

  • Swee Ghai



Ciayi Lim

  • Ciayi Lim

Trustee &

Marketing Advisor

Xiaoli Wang

  • Xiaoli Wang

- Bournemouth University

2018/19 Student Placement -

BA Course

Parise Bains

Student Placement

Kieve Brown

  • Kieve Brown

IT Project Manager

Bunthoeun Sor

  • Bunthoeun Sor


Project Manager




Cambodia Coordinator

Part-Time English Teacher

Mo Ajibola


Project Manager

Aberdeen, UK

Jessica Ribeiro


Project Manager


Luiz Moura


Video Editor 

Jane Moore

Bournemouth Chinese School (BCS)


Marie Hong

Bournemouth Chinese School (BCS)

Acting Principal

Candy Choy

Voluntary Education Consultant of BCS

Jeffery Chen

  • Jeffery Chen

- Bournemouth University

2018/19 Student Placement -

BA Course

John Wang

  • John Wang

- Bournemouth University

2017/18 Student Placement -

MBA Course

Lydia Xiao

  • Lydia Xiao

- Bournemouth University

2017/18 Student Placement -

MBA Course

Hey Man Yeung

  • Hey Man Yeung

- Bournemouth University

2018/19 Student Volunteer -

BA Course

Samantha Bumford

PenBuddies Project

UK Ambassador 

Janet Ho

PenBuddies Project

UK Ambassador

Freya Ford

2019 PenBuddies

Superhero Ambassador

Sam Shapley

PenBuddies Project


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