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Sept 2020: Where Does the Gnome Live?

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

What a great start to a new academic year! After the summer break we are back to our Pen Buddies virtual sessions, and today's one was about beautiful buildings around the world. Our volunteers Tram, Catherine, Julie and Anastasia explored the beautiful and unique architecture of the buildings in Russia, Vietnam, China and Nigeria.

With our young participants we learnt about Saigon Notre Dame, Russian wooden church that was built without a single nail and the stories of Pagoda, including 1000 years old One Pillar Pagoda - "Lotus Flower" of Hanoi.

We know where the humans live, but what about mystical creatures, like gnomes, fairies, house guardians - where do they live? Are they visible? Together with children we explored folklore of different countries, and shared hints where to look for gnomes and fairies. And of course we have had our traditional Quiz in the end and now we know that Upside down house exist, and Hobbit house is real and can be found in Wales, UK, and many many other interesting facts about buildings.

In the end of the session we showed the children how to build the Fairy House using materials around us. See above, isn't it cute? And the highlight of the session was the announcement of the winners of the Global PenBuddies Superhero Costume Design Competition. Look for details here.

We are looking forward to see you at our next sessions. Register at our website.


We have connected over 500 kids from UK with the children from other parts of the world through writing letters to their Pen Buddies in Cambodia, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Russia, Namibia & Vietnam.

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