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July 2020: Learning about money can be fun

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

On the 5th of July 2020, Pen Buddies virtually met for the 3rd time since lockdown, and explored the money: why do we need money, what are different currencies, why do we need banks, what can you buy with money...

We also learnt about the evolution of money and how the money are made in modern days. Have you heard about Royal Mint? Sounds like a sweet, but it is the place where coins are being made.

This time we also had a guest speaker, Rita, who has Sudanese origins. Rita shared her knowledge about money in Sudan, including very specific cultural features. Children learnt that Sudan was very rich country in the past, from farming, fishing and gold mines. Rita also talked about national crafting and golden decorations of the wedding garments. As always, we had a funny quiz in the end, when all participants had a chance to learn something new. And finally, we learnt how to do your own piggy bank and coins' prints.

Curious where piggy banks originated from? In Old English “pygg” was a type of clay that was used for making jars and dishes that held money. Over generations, the word eventually morphed into “piggy bank.”

Thank you all, who joined us, and we are looking forward to learning and having fun together in September. Watch the space!


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