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This is us: Wisdom Foundation, an introduction

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

We realised we did not properly introduce ourselves to the new members and supporters that have joined us lately, and for the ones that have been sticking with us all along, consider this as a refreshment of ideas!

Bournemouth Chinese School at Bournemouth Library

Our very first milestone was the foundation of the charity ''Bournemouth Chinese School'' in the year 2000. With a multitude of Chinese minorities living in Bournemouth, we wished to help them reconnect to their roots through traditional cultural workshops as well as Chinese language classes. The charity was then officially changed from "Bournemouth Chinese School" to "Wisdom (Zhihui) Foundation" in 2016 with the extended mission to provide equal global-learning experience to all ethnicities.

As primary missions we commit to provide and improve educational opportunities for the less fortunate by encouraging personal and academic development through learning.

PenBuddies project in Siem Reap, Cambodia

With those visions in mind, #WisdomPenBuddies project was initiated under Wisdom Foundation for children to experience different cultural backgrounds and enhance their ability to overcome communication challenges. Meant to bring people from different corners of the world together, all children are able to build their self-confidence and awareness through epistolary communication.

We wish that by doing so, everyone will be able to form an ethos of empowering empathy, fairness and respect to promote mutual understanding across countries in the world.

Since the year 2016, we have:

  • Upgraded Bournemouth Chinese School with currently 44 children attending school

  • Paired 200 children between United Kingdom, China and Cambodia through our PenBuddies Project

  • Kickstarted new PenBuddies sessions in Scotland and Hong Kong

  • Sponsored a part-time English teacher in Cambodia to improve learning facilities for approximately 50 underprivileged students

  • Sponsored 2 University students' flight tickets and accommodation from UK to China as our PenBuddies Project Manager, to experience and help conduct sessions delivered locally

Jiang Chipao Fashion Show in Bournemouth, UK

We also have been active in the cultural sharing and promotion scene between China and UK. Thanks to our collaboration with "China Chengdu Tianfu Charity Commission - Jiang Chipao™ Charity Foundation", also the sponsorship from UK Jiang Chipao™ Prestige Club (UKJCPC), a multitude of events including catwalks, fashion shows and design competitions have been introduced to the south-west coast community of England.

Since the year 2017, we have:

  • Co-organised 3 years of China-UK One Belt One Road Chinese Fashion Catwalk Competition & Show in the UK, provided a personal social development platform for more than 100 contestants from 9 - 60 years old

  • Co-organised 2 years of China-UK One Belt One Road Business & Cultural Tour in China, provided social training and personal development opportunity between 2 countries

  • Co-organised Chinese Fashion Design Competition Scholarship in Southampton Solent University and sponsored the winner a 3 months work experience opportunity in Chengdu, China

Thanks to the many supporters and sponsors, by delivering such events and workshops, we were able to fundraise for Wisdom Foundation with the mission of helping everyone from kid, youth, adult to elderly an equal access of learning opportunities.


As in overall, we hope to cultivate and impart the right attitude for harmonious living, starting from the younger generations for a better world tomorrow.

PenBuddies project in Chengdu, China


👉🏻 Pledge USD50 to support our charitable missions. Donate through PayPal Giving >

👉🏻 Pledge USD100 to support 1 month English language learning & PenBuddies session for 100 kids pairing between UK - Cambodia. Donate through PayPal Giving > 👉🏻Visit our children in Cambodian Children House Of Peace in person and experience our Wisdom PenBuddies session! USD150 that's all it takes. Find out more >

👉🏻 Pledge USD300 to support 1 week accommodation of PenBuddies University Student Cultural Experience in Cambodia / China.

👉🏻 Pledge USD500 or Return Flight Ticket from UK-China / UK-Cambodia to support PenBuddies University Student Cultural Experience in Cambodia / China.

  • To support us in general, please click HERE

To learn more about us, check our ANNUAL REPORT

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