PenBuddies Global Logo Contest has arrived!

Updated: Jan 25

Dear Parents and Teachers,

Looking for exciting opportunities for your lovely kids to engage with?

Why not join the PenBuddies Logo Contest to brighten up even more your summer days?

The PenBuddies Logo Contest has been launched to celebrate one fantastic year of Wisdom PenBuddies charitable work...and there is nothing more suitable for this occasion than showing our gratefulness by celebrating all the previous and to-be young members of our big Family!

Here's a list of what you should know about our Logo Contest:

1. The contest is Free-Entry

2. The contest is open to anyone aged 7 to 12 years old (1 Category Only - Year 3 to 9)

3. There are multiple prizes and awards for the winners and winning designs

4. Concept of the logo design is "Mutual Understanding"

>> Draw and design our original Wisdom Penbuddies Logo keeping in mind the concept given. No Skills Required, Just Creativity!

5. TOP 10 potential winning Logo Designs will be selected and printed on T-shirts for the panel to judge on 15th Sept 2019 during London Fashion Week Off Schedule Show!

Now, what is Mutual Understanding?

By definition, mutual understanding is respect or kindness to one another, that promotes communication in order to listen and ultimately understand one another.

However, everyone of us may have attached to the general definition, a more personalised significance or attribute that makes it different and unique from the rest.

We wish to encourage and facilitate the spreading of wisdom, love and mutual understanding through small but fun activities where even the younger ones are able to comprehend such great life virtues.

What are you waiting for?! Let your children / students unleash their creativity by illustrating their thoughts through artwork!

All you need to do is:

1. Register your participating child / student here

2. Submit the Logo Design to our email at

For more details, follow the link by clicking HERE

Want to know more about how to share with your kid the value of mutual understanding? Please feel free to contact us and request PenBuddies Session Topic Guidebook for FREE.

All funds raised will be donated in contribution to the charity organisation Wisdom (Zhihui) Foundation and in benefit of the PenBuddies Project.

Wisdom PenBuddies is a project initiated by Wisdom Foundation to provide children the opportunity to learn about diversification and enhance their ability to overcome communication, cultural and social barriers.

This is an opportunity to bring people together from different corners of the world, to help building self-confidence and awareness from a very young age through epistolary communication with PenBuddies in different countries.

We ultimately hope to cultivate the right attitude for harmonious living today for a better world tomorrow.

To learn more about us, check our ANNUAL REPORT

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