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Introducing our PenBuddies SuperHero - Freya Ford

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

"Freya is a very talented young lady who passionate on making a different from fashion design."

Catherine Nicholls, Founder and Chairlady of Wisdom Foundation

Freya's designing work in progress

According to Anthony (Freya's dad), Freya began to draw from the first time she could pick up a pen or pencil. Fashion is her passion and she dreams to one day have her own fashion brand.

We have received Freya's 2019 Global PenBuddies Logo Contest design submission through online registration. Her design shows us the power of unity through mutual understanding and the breakthrough of cultural barriers, which is also the key aim of our Wisdom PenBuddies Project. "Reach out a hand and let’s be stronger together." - This is what we understand from Freya's logo design.

She has been awarded "Emerging Talent Award" and "Best Worldwide Design" through our 2019 Global PenBuddies Logo Contest, also being appointed as our project ambassador with the title "PenBuddies Superhero" to spearhead on our T-shirt fundraising campaign.


PenBuddies Superhero

The name "Superhero" is created to credit our little ambassadors who contribute their super power and kindness in helping us to produce artworks for our fundraising campaign.

100% of our earnings will be used to sustain Wisdom PenBuddies Project, including labour fee for teaching session, postage fee for letters delivery, also the on-ground experience for kids to meet their pen friends in person.

"I am really proud to support and become an Ambassador of the Pen Buddies project, supporting unity and friendship across the World. "Uniting in writing” can remove any social or political stereotypes and learn to explore and create friendships across the globe."

Said Freya, through our interview session after the award presentation on 15th September 2019 during the House of iKons London Fashion Week Kids Show. See press report from Bournemouth Daily Echo here.


We are working with Freya now to launch a whole new collection of T-shirt design, hopefully with the support from corporate sponsors and launch it before Christmas so that we can celebrate thanksgiving with some kindness gifts for our children in the UK, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Cambodia and Malaysia.

In the meantime, SHOP TO SUPPORT now from our TeeMill Store: All t-shirts are made from certified organic cotton, without tested on animals and printed in the UK with low waste printing tech. They are made in a renewable energy powered factory audited for a wide range of social and sustainability criteria.

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