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New Academic Year, New Learnings!

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

What a great start to a new academic year at the Bournemouth Chinese School - with Pen Buddies session, learning about languages in general and Spanish in particular.

It was great to see the same children returning from the last year, eager to learn more and share their experiences with others.

Our volunteers, Catherine and Anastasia, engaged the children into the mesmerising world of language - spoken, unspoken, body language, sign language, picture language (traffic signs) and even computer language.

Together they explored which languages are the most spoken in the world, and learnt that there are around 6,500 languages spoken today, the first being Chinese Mandarin, the second and the third - Spanish and English. Children also learnt about the world's unified language - Esperanto - and its not very successful adoption by society.

Another interesting fact that surprised the Pen Buddies group - is that sign language is different in different countries and can be learnt as a foreign language. As for Spanish, by the end of the session, the children not only learnt about the countries around the world that speak Spanish (i.e. Latin America), but also Spanish "body language" and welcoming expression: "My home is your home".

In the end, everyone had fun playing Dixit, showing how imaginative they are!

The next session is in October, and we will be practising storytelling and writing letters to the Pen Buddies from different parts of the world!

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All funds raised will be donated in contribution to the charity organisation Wisdom (Zhihui) Foundation and in benefit of the Pen Buddies Project.

Pen Buddies is a project initiated by Wisdom Foundation to provide children with the opportunity to learn about diversification and enhance their ability to overcome communication, cultural and social barriers.

This is an opportunity to bring people together from different corners of the world, to help build self-confidence and awareness from a very young age through epistolary communication with PenBuddies in different countries.

We ultimately hope to cultivate the right attitude for harmonious living today for a better world tomorrow.

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