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Let's snack, learn and have fun

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

What a great day we had today at Bournemouth Chinese School, learning about snacks,

understanding the value of healthy snacks and exploring what are the traditional snacks around the world. Children now know that people in Hong Kong like to start their day with french toast with peanut butter and condensed milk. And by the way, condensed milk is popular in Malaysia's snacks, for example, Roti Pisang (fried banana, topped with condensed milk). In Cambodia even savoury food can be called a cake, like the Chives cake, Num Kachay. In China they roast watermelon seeds and it's delicious snack. And in Russia they make fish salad with herring and vegetables, and call it "dressed herring", or "herring under fur coat". And of course we could not miss the story about Sandwich, and the variety of them in Britain, including the most famous "Crisp Sandwich". So many countries, so many snacks, but it's important to remember to eat healthy, and all children agreed that eating healthy snacks is important: berries, vegetables, fruit, nuts - always should be part of a healthy diet.

After our learning journey, the children made nice cards to their PenBuddies in Malaysia, sharing details of their favourite snacks.

We also had lots of fun, making "creative sandwiches" and "cakes in a mug", using lots of healthy ingredients.

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