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Fun PenBuddies Cultural Workshop Session at Bournemouth Chinese School

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

What a fantastic session we had with PenBuddies Cultural Workshop in Bournemouth on Sunday, the 8th of December! Our young PenBuddies, Phillip and Bonzai, were teaching the group about the Rainforest, and in the end of their presentation they have offered to draw what they have learnt on the topic - layers of rainforest and animals. They have even included into their presentation the sounds of rain and birds.

Did you know that it rains almost every 4 minutes in Amazon rainforest?

We know now ☺️

After the rainforest talk, we enjoyed playing games with children - „Santa says“ and „musical chairs“, the spirit of coming Christmas was definitely in the air. And of course we could not miss our traditional Card making activity - the children made amazing individual cards for their PenBuddies in Malaysia. So much fun again, including learning, sharing knowledge, sharing traditions and making our world a bit kinder together!

Wishing all a sparkling festive season...


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