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Introduction from Parise

Updated: Jan 25, 2021


My name is Parise, 2 years ago I graduated from Northampton University in Business Management. In December 2019, I joined Wisdom Foundation as a student placement volunteer. Choosing to volunteer for this inspiring foundation has given me the understanding of different charity work that is involved.

There are different projects that are being run by the charity, there is one project that the charity has recently launched which is called “The PenBuddies”. From my perspective The PenBuddies project is connecting children from UK with the children worldwide through writing letters to each other. The purpose of this project is also to educate the children to embrace different cultures, it teaches the children in the UK about the challenges that other children their age may face and the difficulties they may experience. As well as teaching the children about different cultures, the project also helps volunteers to work together through delivering workshops at schools and other environments across the UK and abroad.

My role in this project is to help with the marketing. Recently, the activities I have participated in is creating a poster which promotes the PenBuddies project, producing blogs about the information that was provided and relayed in the different places as mentioned before. This is just an insight of what I have been doing and over the course of my time at Wisdom Foundation I will be contributing to more activities and tasks.

As a new member of the team and in the short time I have been working for the charity I have learnt so many new skills and it has broadened my knowledge which I can incorporate in the future. My career goal long term is to get into marketing, by volunteering for this charity has given me the experience also, I can utilise the skills and knowledge I have learnt during my time in other placements in the foreseeable future. I have used a range of software, tools and features in the marketing aspect of Wisdom Foundation. Outlook 365 and Wix are just the two of the many features I have used, and I will continue to use Outlook and Wix in the future where appropriate.

This charity is so inspiring and the hard work and dedication that the individuals put in is impeccable. It is outstanding at how much support they give in helping the community. The workplace is amazing to work for, the team support and help each other immensely. When I joined it was such a warm welcoming. I highly recommend working or volunteering for Wisdom Foundation.

Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year! :)

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