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Interesting facts about cultures

Do you know what culture is? Culture is something that people from the same country or area carry out with them. It is their values, beliefs and language. Here are some things I found interesting.

Slurping. In some Asian countries is slurping a sign of a good meal. If you slurp you let the cook know that you enjoyed the meal.

6000 languages. There are over 6000 languages around the world. Have you ever heard about Njerep? Njerep is one of the least spoken languages, only still spoken in Nigeria.

News year celebration. In Spain, Mexico and Latin America, they celebrate New Year's eve by eating 12 grapes at the stroke of midnight.

Ice hockey. Is your favourite sport football? Not in the Czech Republic. Ice hockey in the Czech Republic is extremely popular. This small country has the most success in NHL, you might hear of Jaromir Jagr who is one of the best players NHL plyer.

Sauna in Finland? Sauna is a very popular thing in Finland people go to the sauna to relax, destress or socialise. You can be also invited to the sauna after your business meeting. Do not be alarmed it just means that your meeting went well.

Holy cow! In Indian culture, a cow is a holy creature but it is not considered a god. Most of the Indian population is Hindu in this religion cow is related to many gods. That is the reason why Indian people would use milk and cheese rather than meat.

Santa Claus. One of the stories is that Santa Claus or Saint Nicolas was born in Turkey in Patara what nowadays is known as Demre.

Fish for breakfast? What do you think about having fish for breakfast, weird? Not in Norway! Norway is famous for its seafood and they do eat fish with bread for breakfast.

Matryoshka. Russian doll or Matryoshka is the most popular Russian souvenir. These dolls came about 100 years ago and they are the symbol of motherhood as the word Matryoshka means Mother.

Feijoada. Have you heard of Taco Tuesday? In Brazil, they have Feijoada Wednesday. Feijoada is a traditional Brazilian dish made of pork, black beans and spices. It is served with rice some vegetables and bacon.

What do you think about these cultural facts? What is the most interesting thing about your culture?


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