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Chengdu Trip: Day 2 in Tianfu No.7 Primary School

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Tianfu No 7 Primary School Entrance Gate

It’s was a packed day yesterday for our Wisdom Foundation Team - Chairlady Madam Betty H.W. Yeung, Founder Ms. Catherine Nicholls, Co-founder Miss Ciayi Lim, Chengdu Tianfu New District Representative Mr. Zhiping Liu, Ms Lydia Jiang Xinyun (Founder and Director of Jiang Chipao fashion label), PenBuddies Ambassador Miss Samantha Bumford (South Coast Charity Queen), UK PenBuddies Participant Miss Caroline Bedford, UK PenBuddies Participant Miss Jasmine Moore, UK PenBuddies Participant Miss Jai-Li Moore and University Placement Student Miss Xiao Li Wang.

In the afternoon we were delighted to have visited for the first time Tianfu No.7 Primary School and were very surprised by the innovative design of the premises accompanied by the alternative curriculum taught to the pupils.

We were greeted at the entrance gate by the Principal Madam Zhou together with Teachers Mr Jake and Miss Xie.

We were showed around the school and had the chance to assist parts of classes such as P.E., Chess, Drama, Literature and Cheerleading with the students.

Classroom arranged in occasion of PenBuddies visit

An introductory Pen Buddies session was then conducted to have an understanding of what are the possibilities open for the students joining our project. Through our brief presentation we were able to:

  • Show children the many chances to gain cultural knowledge and acquire English language skills

  • Let them share their own living experience with international friends

  • Make them practice and be confident with their English speaking

We wish to take onboard the students of Tianfu No. 7 Primary School and look forward to collaborating together in the very near future!


We are so happy and lucky to be able to share Wisdom and promote Harmonious Living with our visits and hopefully expand even more in the future.

If you are as enthusiastic as us about educational equality, support us in our mission!

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