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Chengdu Trip: Day 2 at Tianfu No. 1 Primary School

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Tianfu No.1 Primary School, Chengdu

Today’s a chilly day but the cold breeze didn’t stop us from coming back to visit our beloved students at Tianfu No 1 Primary School.

As always, we were welcomed with open arms by the Tianfu No.1 Primary School Principal Madam Xie Dongyun, together with teachers Miss Jining and Miss Jing.

Our Wisdom Foundation Team - made of by Chairlady Madam Betty H.W. Yeung, Founder Ms. Catherine Nicholls, Co-founder Miss Ciayi Lim, Ms Lydia Jiang Xinyun (Founder and Director of Jiang Chipao fashion label), PenBuddies Ambassador Miss Samantha Bumford (South Coast Charity Queen), UK PenBuddies Participant Miss Caroline Bedford, UK PenBuddies Participant Miss Jasmine Moore, UK PenBuddies Participant Miss Jai-Li Moore and University Placement Student Miss Xiao Li Wang - were shown around the school by the pupils, hands-on hands.

Many workshops and activities such as table tennis matches, fruit picking, traditional Chinese handwriting and tea ceremony were delivered to entertain our team members, and we can all agree by saying that we were so impressed!

It was then our turn to return the amazing performances given. By conducting our Pen Buddies session, we were able to:

  • Return the reply of the letter written by UK kids to Tianfu No1 Primary School

  • Ascertain that pupils are able to comprehend and appreciate the importance of epistolary communication

  • Assess the level of competencies in the English language

We were extremely happy to receive so much joy and feedback from the kids that we couldn’t help but overload them with rewards to bring back home with.

Although it may have been a short stay, it was lovely revisiting Tianfu No 1 Primary School after a year and wishing to go the soonest again!

It was such a pleasure and rewarding experience for our UK PenBuddies Participants to be able to come all the way to China and meet their friends in person.

Thank you for all the support from friends and fans for making it happen!


We are so happy and lucky to be able to share Wisdom and promote Harmonious Living with our visits and hopefully expand even more in the near future.

If you are as enthusiastic as us about educational equality, support us in our mission!

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