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Chengdu Day 1: Jin Jiang Primary School

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

We are now making our way through Chengdu, the beautiful and passionate city situated in the heart of China.

Jin Jiang Primary School Main Gate

It’s day 1 of our stay in Chengdu. Our Wisdom Foundation Team - composed by Chairlady Madam Betty H.W. Yeung, Founder Ms. Catherine Nicholls, Co-founder Miss Ciayi Lim, Pen Buddies Ambassador Miss Samantha Bumford (Miss UK South Coast Charity Queen) and Bournemouth University Placement Student Miss Xiao Li Wang - is visiting "Jin Jiang Primary School" accompanied by Chengdu Tianfu New District Representative Mr. Zhiping Liu, Secretary of Tianfu Charity Commission Mr. Mark Shu, Jiang Chipao Charity Foundation Secretary Ms. Alice Liu and Jiang Chipao Foundation Secretary Assistant Mr. Tang Yi.

In the early morning, we were welcomed by Honourable Jin Jiang Primary School Headmaster Mr He, accompanied by Jin Jiang Primary School Deputy Headmistress Madam Hua Liaoli, and other teachers Miss Jia Zhang and Miss Shuting Deng.

A representative group of students came to guide us through the most significant parts of the infrastructure showing great artistic talent, English communication skills and confidence despite their very young age.

We were then shown to the master classroom to discuss further potential collaboration between the two institutions.

Mr. He and our PenBuddies Ambassador Miss Samantha Bumford joining in up-cycle activities

Souvenir from Jin Jiang Primary School to Wisdom Foundation. - From the left to the right: Ms. Catherine Nicholls, Mr. Mark Shu, Mr. Zhiping Liu and Headmaster Mr. He

Quoting Mr. Zhiping Liu: 'In a connected world, it is inevitable to not share culture and knowledge with one another. It is a two-way pathway, an interchangeable possibility of learning and sharing for everyone’s benefit’

We could not agree more with Mr Zhiping Liu and are looking forward to ensuring that all children will receive the chance to:

  • Improve literacy and knowledge from epistolary communication

  • Expand to wider access of cultures

  • Make new international friends

We then concluded with a Pen Buddies session for the students to have a taste and a general understanding of what are the forms of communication, and their effectiveness of them. Students showed to be very attentive throughout the delivery of the session and prizes were distributed for kids to go home with as a token of our appreciation.

We are so happy and lucky to be able to share Wisdom and promote Harmonious Living with our visits and hopefully expand even more from here.

If you are as enthusiastic as us about educational equality support us in our mission! Act now:

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