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Updated: Jan 25

If you follow us on social media you may have noticed that we haven’t shared much lately about topic sessions at CCHP (Cambodian Children’s House of Peace) and that’s because we had to say goodbye to our beloved former teacher Rit as he recently started his newly found full time job - we are sadden to see him go as we built great chemistry and we wish him the best in his future endeavours!

However, as we've mentioned above, we are back stronger and more motivated than before!

Last month we have recruited Rathaka, our new designated English teacher. With her, we have restored our traditional PenBuddies sessions on Fridays every week. Plus, we have onboard a brand new member - Halima - a lovely Sixth Form student with a bright smile and even brighter personality!

She, along other team members, will closely help and liaise with Cambodia and make sure Cambodian kids get to learn new topics every single week!

Take a look at August month’s topic: Language around the World.

Here are pictures of the kids attempting to write Chinese for their first's not easy task!

We hope we have somehow inspired them to learn the Chinese Language!

Have you participated to our PenBuddies Logo Contest?

You still are on time!

To celebrate our first anniversary we are offering the opportunity for children from all around the world, aged 7-15 years old to participate to the Free-Entry PenBuddies Logo Design Contest.


For more details, click HERE

Not only you will have the chance win amazing prizes, you will also be able to get the experience of seeing your creations on live stage at House of iKons Fashion Show!

The same show where our supporting charity Jiang Chipao will hold the Grand Opening on the 15th of September in London! (Book your slot now:

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All funds raised will be donated in contribution to the charity organisation Wisdom (Zhihui) Foundation and in benefit of the #WisdomPenBuddies Project.

Wisdom PenBuddies is a project initiated by Wisdom Foundation to provide children the opportunity to learn about diversification and enhance their ability to overcome communication, cultural and social barriers.

This is an opportunity to bring people together from different corners of the world, to help building self-confidence and awareness from a very young age through epistolary communication with PenBuddies in different countries.

We ultimately hope to cultivate the right attitude for harmonious living today for a better world tomorrow.

To learn more about us, check our ANNUAL REPORT

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