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A Big Welcome To Our New Members!

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Wisdom Foundation has seen some vibrant additions during last month’s time! 🤩


We are glad to announce that new members have joined our big family and we shall give them a proper introduction:

Jessica - from Bournemouth, UK - is currently undertaking her higher education studies at Bournemouth University. She will be volunteering and contribute towards the PenBuddies Cambodia Project, cooperating and helping with the material content delivery. As we need to make sure all children from Cambodia get their daily dose of English practice while letting them keep up with their Pen Friends in the UK, Jessica’s help is greatly appreciated and will definitely make a difference.

Rathaka - from Siem Reap, Cambodia - is in her first year of English literature studies at University. She has officially been chosen and sponsored by Wisdom Foundation as an English teacher at Cambodian Children’s House of Peace (CCHP). With the extraordinary help of Buntheoun - volunteer and manager of CCHP - we are able to keep conferring stability and continuity to the delivery of lessons and help improve literacy among the less-fortunates.


We cannot be more excited to welcome two new recruits...and all in conjunction with or first Penbuddies Anniversary!

To celebrate we are offering the opportunity for children from all around the world, aged 7-15 years old to participate in the Free-Entry PenBuddies Logo Design Competition.

Communication is fun and nothing can explain better than a drawing, so why not express it in form of a logo?! Nonetheless, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Spread the word, your child could be the winner and its design taken on stage during #LondonFashionWeek organised by the ultra-professional team of House of IKons!


For more details, click HERE

Want to know more about how to share with your kid the value of communication and mutual understanding? Please feel free to contact us and request PenBuddies Session Topic Guidebook for FREE.


All funds raised will be donated in contribution to the charity organisation Wisdom (Zhihui) Foundation and in benefit of the PenBuddies Project.

Wisdom PenBuddies is a project initiated by Wisdom Foundation to provide children with the opportunity to learn about diversification and enhance their ability to overcome communication, cultural and social barriers.

This is an opportunity to bring people together from different corners of the world, to help building self-confidence and awareness from a very young age through epistolary communication with PenBuddies in different countries.

We ultimately hope to cultivate the right attitude for harmonious living today for a better world tomorrow.

To learn more about us, check our ANNUAL REPORT

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