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We have been organising Lunar New Year & Chinese Valentine Day's Celebrations events in the UK since 2016. Enjoy some of the videos we have created from this channel. 


2021 Celebrations

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, it was our first virtual Lunar New Year celebration in 2021. We have many greeting videos from our lovely partners & supporters, as well as some learning tutorials on making decorated lantern by recycling the red packets from our volunteers.

CNY 2020_1.PNG

2020 Celebrations

Everyone who attended the Bournemouth Library in February 2020 could join an amazing show to celebrate Chinese New Year. Over 200 guests attended the event, and VIP guests included the Mayor of Bournemouth Cllr. Susan Phillips, the Leader of Councilor Cllr. Vikki Slade, Cllr. Lawrence Williams, Cllr. Jane Kelly, Mr. David Jones, Cllr. Lewis Allison, Ms. Beryl Baxter, Mr. Chris Saunders, Linda Maquire, Lianne Chorley, Barry Meehan.

All participants could enjoy a wide range of traditional activities and fantastic performances, including the mask making competition, singing, dancing, gymnastics and acting.


2019 Celebrations

It has been an annual new year celebration for our Bournemouth Chinese School team to perform traditional dance and music at the Bournemouth library. Get to know more about the story of Wisdom Foundation from our blog post written by 2018/19 student placement, Xiaoli Wang.


2018 Celebrations

In 2018, we have organised a Qipao (Chinese traditional dress) catwalk contest show along with the new year celebration with one of our key supporters - Jiang Chipao. Some of our students from the Bournemouth Chinese School project have won a couple of titles from the catwalk contest and showcased their singing talent on stage! Click the button below to view more photos from our Facebook Page.

Screenshot 2021-03-02 at 4.40.12 PM.png

2017 Lunar Fiesta

We have organised several events in 2017 under the theme of "Lunar Fiesta" including the Boscombe New Year market, Curry Cooking Contest, Chinese Painting Exhibition & Lantern-making workshops at the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery & Museum, as well as Chinese Valentine Gala Dinner at the Bournemouth Hilton Hotel. Click the button below to watch a video produced by our volunteers from Bournemouth University.


2016 Chinese Winter Wonderland

Our first new year celebration event was in 2016 under the theme of "Chinese Winter Wonderland" in Boscombe. That was officially organised under our Bournemouth Chinese School project team with multi-cultural show performances, traditional foods market and fun activities. A massive thank you to Sophie White, Stefan Matthews, Stephen Brickell, Antonia Pang and Fabienne Duprés from Bournemouth University for amazing photos, as well as our Project Manager, Nguyen Thi Phuong.

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