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Pen Buddies Logo Competition Introduction at Bournemouth Chinese School

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

On Sunday, the 30th of June, our founder - Catherine Nicholls and Pen Buddies Project Director - Anastasia Petrova organised the Pen Buddies session at Bournemouth Chinese School, presenting the concepts and history of branding and logos to the children.

During the session, children learnt about the evolution of logos since BC times and were encouraged to create and draw their own logos for the Pen Buddies project. All drawings will enter the Global Pen Buddies Logo Competition, and the winners will be announced during Fashion show week in London in September.

All children will have the opportunity to order the T-shirt with their logo. It was very inspirational to see the enthusiasm and imagination that children showed in creating the logos. They all grasped the idea of delivering a message through drawing, that through the Pen Buddies project global connections happen, and children learn from each other to be kind and embrace the differences.

We also had a guest, young artist Apollo Avery, who gave an introduction to graphic design, explaining different styles of writing letters and words, from simple italics to graphiti. The children asked a lot of questions and truly enjoyed the session. It was our last Pen Buddies event in this academic year at Bournemouth Chinese School, and we are looking forward to having more fun in September, writing letters to other children across the globe, playing games, learning about different things and cultures, and making a world a better, happier place.

Want to learn more, join the project, enter the logo competition, or have any questions?

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