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Pen Buddies Exploring The World Video Recordings

Learn about multicultural topics from our monthly online workshops recordings. They are FREE for you to gain some inspiration to write to your pen buddies! Sign-up for our 'Find A Pen Buddy' plan to enjoy more learning videos with fun activities sheets.

Join our monthly online workshop to learn together with your pen buddies

Watching the videos by yourself could be boring. Why not learn all these wonderful multicultural topics with your pen buddies during our monthly online workshops? Check out the monthly workshop topics now and remember to book the space in advance!


 Fun learning sheets are available for you 

Besides watching the videos, it is also great to learn with fun activities too! Check out some FREE learning sheets that you can play with your kids at home.

We conduct physical workshops too!

We provide workshops in UK Primary Schools to introduce different cultures practice with particular daily living topics, and letter writing skills for connecting with Pen Buddies overseas. Contact us if you are interested to join our Pen Buddies project.

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Help us to sustain the connections between pen buddies and continue to deliver the educational workshops for our kids
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