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2019 Pen Buddies Logo Design Competition

Our first global competition was held in 2019 under the theme of 'Logo Design'. The logo design needs to fulfil the concept of "Mutual Understanding", which is one of the core objectives of Wisdom Foundation - to promote harmonious living by understanding the differences across cultures.

We have received submissions from all around the world and with the help of our 2018/19 University student placement from Bournemouth University, all the designs are now available in both adult and kid T-shirts!

We are using the service from TeeMill company, which emphasises very much on sustainable production. All the T-shirts are made from certified organic cotton material that does not contain any animal-derived substances and are printed in the UK with low waste printing technology.

We also showcased the kids' design at the London Fashion Show, organised by House of iKons on 15th September 2019. Official winners announcement and prize-giving ceremony was held on the same day during the fashion show (Press coverage: Bournemouth Daily Echo).


Within the same year, we have endorsed the winner of 'Best Worldwide Design', Freya Ford as our little ambassador with the title"Pen Buddies Superhero". Know more about Freya from our published blog post.

Results of Global Logo Design Competition 2019

1. Freya Ford from UK
2. Lalitta from UK BCS Bournemouth Chinese School

1. Layla-Mae from UK
2. Ethan from the UK
3. Lim Seng Chan from Malaysia Little Castle Educare Centre
4. Lee Shen Yan from Malaysia

1. Sahil from UK
2. Chua Yang King from Malaysia
3. Chantoon from Cambodia Cambodian Children's House of Peace


1. Freya Ford from UK

 Event Co-organised with:


2019 China Drawing Competition

Within the same year, we have organised a drawing competition as an extension of the global logo design competition in Sichuan, China. We have received numerous drawings and selected an iconic character that represents Sichuan culture to transform into charity merchandises. Thank you to our corporate sponsor - UK Jiang Chipao & collaborating charity in China - Jiang Chipao Charity Foundation. 

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