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PenBuddies Superhero Costume Design Competition

If your child is 7-12 years old and would like to participate in our Global Superhero Costume Design, then join the squad! Our superheroes’ job is to use their knowledge and passion to learn to communicate the wisdom to the rest of the world. They are missing a part that is vital as it enables them to complete their mission. Their outfits help them to use their superpowers better.  Click button to find out more. 

PenBuddies At Home

If your child is 7-11 years old and would like to get a pen pal from another country, then this programme is for you! Featuring photo is our 2019 PenBuddies Superhero, Freya Ford. Click button to find out more. 

Hand Made Face Masks

We are a small charity and our Vice-Chair is making hand made cotton face masks, for adults and children. They must be washed every day in 40 degrees water. Please, make your order, using order form. Click button to order.

Bournemouth Chinese School 

Enrol your kids today to learn some basic Chinese cultures, also enhance their Chinese reading and writing skills. From toddler to adult, we have a wide range of courses that suit you. Get your free trial today!

Teach In Cambodia 

If you are travelling to or live in Siem Reap, Cambodia, why not immerse yourself in the authentic Khmer living culture by helping our English teacher to teach and share culture to our 50 Cambodian kids?

Lawrence Williams

Ward Councillor for Littledown & Iford

Vice Chairman Audit & Governance

Conservative Spokesman for Culture and Leisure

The children in England are now able to learn and understand the different global cultures through the PenBuddies workshops and develop friendships and empathy through the brilliant scheme.

Cllr. Jane Kelly

Wisdom (Zhihui) Foundation

Honourable UK Charity Ambassador

If we are ever to come close to achieving peace in the world, it will be by mutual understanding, respect and tolerance for other cultures and ways of life. The best time for this to start is with young people which is why I want to promote PenBuddies project in any way that I can.

Lianne Chorley

Community Development Officer

of BCP Council

I have been fortunate enough to work with the Wisdom Foundation over a number of years, they are hardworking, aspirational and hold their 5 key missions at the heart of all their projects. Catherine and Betty are great to work with, full of energy, passion and experience. The Wisdom Foundation supports us at BCP Council to connect our vibrant communities, on a global, national and national scale.

David Jones

Principal of ETC International College,

Vice-Chair of the International Education Association of Bournemouth,

Christchurch and Poole.

The scheme seems to be a great way to build understanding and cooperation between young students of different nations into an educational programme from an early stage.  I believe it also supports children from under-privileged backgrounds in their studies.

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