Through a network of partner organisations around the world, WF provide a safe platform for UK children to connect with their pen pals around the globe, and offer multi-cultural learning workshops

Wisdom Pen Buddies is a project initiated by Wisdom Foundation to provide UK children with cultural workshops and letter exchange experience. It is an opportunity to learn about different cultures, enhance communication skills and improve literacy. We are supported by National Lottery UK. Join our online sessions, where we explore the world together, learn about traditions and cultures around the world, embrace our differences and find new friends. 


We have connected over
800 children from the UK, China, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Russia, Namibia, Malaysia & Vietnam since 2018

Pen Buddies Kaleidoscope 

In June 2020 we launched online learning workshops. Thank you to all our volunteers who played a vital role in this project and  created  great learning assets, sharing knowledge with our children. 

Upcoming Pen Buddies Sessions

Sessions take place once a month on a Sunday via ZOOM and children from different countries join to learn and have fun. They are FREE and conducted by our volunteers. Check out the session topic and get the ZOOM link to access from our online learning page. 

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Virtual Celebration of 2021 Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day

We are excited to celebrate with you virtually the 2021 Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day. Our supporters, volunteers and friends around the world are sharing their traditions in videos and photos, and sending their warmest wishes for the coming year. A heartfelt thanks for their support to  Dorset Race Equality Council

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Bournemouth Chinese School

since 2000

We have started our charity as "Bournemouth Chinese School" in the year 2000 (Officially registered under UK Charity in the year 2001) and the charity was changed to "Wisdom (Zhihui) Foundation" in 2016 with the extended mission to provide equal global-learning experience to all ethnicities. Bournemouth Chinese School is currently the initiated project under Wisdom Foundation, providing various Chinese learning classes, Chinese cultural activities and personal development workshops


Lawrence Williams

Ward Councillor for Littledown &

Iford Vice-Chairman Audit &

Governance Conservative

Spokesman for Culture and Leisure

The children in England are now able to learn and understand the different global cultures through the PenBuddies workshops and develop friendships and empathy through the brilliant scheme.

Cllr. Jane Kelly

Wisdom (Zhihui) Foundation

Honourable UK Charity Ambassador