"We have connected over 500 pen friends from the UK, China, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Russia, Namibia, Malaysia & Vietnam."

Wisdom Pen Buddies is a project initiated by Wisdom Foundation to provide children with an experience to learn about different cultural backgrounds and enhance their ability to overcome communication challenges. Join our monthly online sessions, where we explore the world together, learn about traditions and cultures around the world, make friendships and embrace our differences.

Pen Buddies Kaleidoscope 

Due to the pandemic outbreak, we have shifted our in-class learning to online learning since June 2020. Thank you to all the volunteers who have involved in this project, they have created some wonderful video recordings for the past learning sessions. Let us share the wisdom together! 

Upcoming Pen Buddies Sessions

Sessions take place once a month on a Sunday via Zoom and children from different countries join to learn and have fun. They are FREE and conducted by our volunteers. Remember to book your session in advance!

More Wisdom Foundation Projects

Virtual Celebration of 2021 Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day

We are excited to celebrate with you virtually the 2021 Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day. Our supporters, volunteers and friends around the world are sharing their traditions in videos and photos, and sending their warmest wishes for the coming year. A heartfelt thanks for their support to  Dorset Race Equality Council

Bournemouth Chinese School

since 2000

We have started our charity as "Bournemouth Chinese School" in the year 2000 (Officially registered under UK Charity in the year 2001) and the charity was changed to "Wisdom (Zhihui) Foundation" in 2016 with the extended mission to provide equal global-learning experience to all ethnicities. Bournemouth Chinese School is currently the initiated project under Wisdom Foundation, providing various Chinese learning classes, Chinese cultural activities and personal development workshops


Lawrence Williams

Ward Councillor for Littledown &

Iford Vice-Chairman Audit &

Governance Conservative

Spokesman for Culture and Leisure

The children in England are now able to learn and understand the different global cultures through the PenBuddies workshops and develop friendships and empathy through the brilliant scheme.

Cllr. Jane Kelly

Wisdom (Zhihui) Foundation

Honourable UK Charity Ambassador

If we are ever to come close to achieving peace in the world, it will be by mutual understanding, respect and tolerance for other cultures and ways of life. The best time for this to start is with young people which is why I want to promote PenBuddies project in any way that I can.

Lianne Chorley

Community Development Officer

of BCP Council

I have been fortunate enough to work with the Wisdom Foundation over a number of years, they are hardworking, aspirational and hold their 5 key missions at the heart of all their projects. Catherine and Betty are great to work with, full of energy, passion and experience. The Wisdom Foundation supports us at BCP Council to connect our vibrant communities, on a global, national and national scale.

David Jones

Principal of ETC International College,

Vice-Chair of the International Education Association of Bournemouth,

Christchurch and Poole

The scheme seems to be a great way to build understanding and cooperation between young students of different nations into an educational programme from an early stage.  I believe it also supports children from under-privileged backgrounds in their studies.

Pen Buddies Online Store

All merchandises are designed by kids from all around the world via Pen Buddies programme. 100% of profits are proceeding to our charity fund to sustain the global kids learning for better understanding across cultures.

Our Funders & Sponsors

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TW18 7RE, United Kingdom.

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