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Kickstart Scheme - Teaching Assistance Trainee

Job summary


We are currently looking for a Teaching Assistant Trainee.  If you have good organisation skills, care about diversity, and have a passion to make a positive impact on people’s lives, then working as an Administrator with us will be the right role for you. As a UK Charity, promoting Diversity and Inclusion, it's important to us to deliver our mission enabling our team members to have meaningful and enjoyable experiences.



As a Teaching Assistant Trainee, you will:


  • Participate in teaching curriculum research  

  • Prepare teaching material for online collateral and classroom teaching 

  • Review current teaching material and update slides

  • Attend teaching session’s training

  • Participate in teaching sessions (online/classroom) 

  • Work as a part of a small, flexible team and contribute to the group and individual targets 

  • Be prepared to work remotely 

  • Be an excellent, confident, and persuasive communicator with people at all levels (written and oral, including public speaking and presentations) 

  • Have fun and enjoy 

Essential skills, experience, and qualifications


  • A team player who engages well with others

  • Strong communicator and influencer with Excellent writing and oral communication skills

  • Energetic, self disciplined and hardworking

  • Confident public speaker

  • Demonstrate experience working with young people

  • Basic knowledge of SEN needs

  • Flexible and able to adapt to change

  • Passionate about offering own knowledge and experience, and want to make a difference

  • A “glass half full person”, with a sense of humour and a positive attitude

  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint proficiency


  • If you possess these qualities then the experience of working as a Teaching assistant isn't necessary. We will provide you with excellent learning, development and support opportunities, and equip you with the knowledge and skills to be impactful.



Hours per week

25 hours per week

Working pattern


Preferably 9:30 am to 2:30 pm Monday to Friday,

But Flexible working hours offered, as long as 25 hours per week are covered.

For Flexible working patterns, please state clearly your preference in your application’s cover letter.

Hourly rate of pay


National minimum wage

Employability support


The trainee will be allocated to our Learning and Development Team to undertake the administration of all projects.


The trainee will be mentored by our experienced Project Directors who are senior managers at international corporations, and experienced department heads who work at our charity.


We will provide a 2-weeks’ training for the successful candidate to ensure they have the skills that needed for the job, these will include: how to use Microsoft Office tools, online research techniques, teaching skills and tools to create interactive teaching material for online learning, other systems in use, processes, and procedures.


Job Training throughout the employment for any ad hoc task, and ongoing projects needs


A periodic review with the line manager will be carried out to provide an opportunity for feedback on performance and training needed.


Trainee will be provided with the opportunity to expand their network and get invaluable communication experience.


We can offer to coach on CV writing, interview skills and how to maintain professional profile; provide support with their career development.

*Send your CV and cover letter.

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