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Wisdom Foundation Code of Conduct

Wisdom Foundation is working towards a world in which people can live with open mind towards difference, have their basic understanding between different cultures, and have the ability to communicate with peaceful manner. To achieve this ambition and vision of 'a just world without poverty', it is vital for those who work with Oxfam GB to remain true to its core mission, aims and values. Staff and non-staff alike need to understand and comply with the guidance on behaviour that is expected of them in the areas of:

  • use of information and resources,

  • ensuring the safety, health and welfare of other employees, volunteers and contractors at Wisdom Foundation,

  • ensuring personal and professional conduct is, and is seen to be, of the highest standard, and in keeping with Wisdom Foundation's beliefs, values, and aims. This section of the Code of Conduct includes guidance on prevention of sexual exploitation.

  • avoiding possible conflicts of interest in your personal life with Wisdom Foundation's work,

  • involvement in criminal activities or activities that compromise Wisdom Foundation's work,

  • refraining from harassment, discrimination, abuse, intimidation, or sexual exploitation.

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