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Global Winner: Chun Kit Yu Lucas - Hong Kong

Day At The Beach 

On a beautiful sunny day we set out for the beach, 

Trio Beach, that’s where we wanted to reach. 

We left the house just before nine, 

But got stuck in traffic behind a long line. 

When we arrived it was just time for lunch. 

Blue sky and cool water as we played by the seaside, 

But the sands were peppered with rubbish carried by the tide. 

O what a sight! 

It gave everyone a fright. 

What have we done to Hong Kong’s pride? 

Us kids decided to take back what was ours, 

And we cleaned the beach for hours and hours. 

It was hard work, no fun at all, 

But in the end we could stand up tall. 

And showed everyone not to mess with kid powers. 









Creativity Prize: Cai Zhuo Han Alex - China



If I could find a rocket. 

Higher and higher I should fly. 

If I could find a submrine. 

Deeper and deeper I should arrive. 

If I could find a skyscraper. 

Father and father I shoud see. 

It’s a wonderful thing that everyone has his own dream.



Inspiration Prize: Niu Jing Ran Jeremy - Hong Kong

My Cat 

I have a naughty cat, 

His name is Mat. 

Mat likes to hide in my mother’s big hat, 

But I can always find him easily because he is fat. 

Mat is most beloved in my flat. 








Poetry courses are provided by ETC International College.

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This competition is Supported and Funded by BH Coastal Lottery fund

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Meet The Judges


Virginia Macgregor

Virginia Macgregor is currently Head of Creative Writing at Wellington College.

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David Jones

Principal of ETC International College,

Vice-Chair of the International Education Association of Bournemouth,

Christchurch and Poole

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Cllr Lawrence William

Ward Councillor for Littledown &

Iford Vice-Chairman Audit &

Governance Conservative

Spokesman for Culture and Leisure

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Harvey Martin

Local Poet from Virginia Water Council


Ms Jane Millward

Jane Millward was appointed Chief Executive Officer in March 2019.

Jane joined E-ACT as a regional education director in September 2016 before being appointed national director of education in February 2017.

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We teach a wide range of global cultural topics and share our knowledge through fun learning activities

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We connect children from different countries through letters' exchange to their pen buddies, enabling communication across the world

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