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Global Winner: Grace - UK

One Night In my Dreams 

One night, my dreams took me around the world. 

Towns, cities, and cultures unfurled. 

I saw people in harmony, people at war. 

The rich, the extravagant, the lowly and poor.

The Great Wall of China, the Great Barrier Reef,

the pyramids of Giza, all beautiful beyond belief.

But the ice caps are melting, rainforests cut down. 

Earth's temperature is rising, the seas turning brown.

We have to stop this before it's too late.

It truly would be a most devastating fate.

Our planet is suffering, more than it should.

We must change our ways; I would and you could.

Thunberg, Attenborough, amazing idols,

Say we have no time to sit around, idle. 

It's time to stand up and speak out for what's right,

Our planet needs us and hope is in sight!

It is now clear we must all work together

Or our common home will be ruined forever.

I awoke from the dream and it really was clear:

Our world is calling for help; can you hear?


Creativity Prize: Louis 

Winter Spirit  


A good time is coming  

I wish it were here 

The very best time in the whole of the year 

I’m counting each day 

On my fingers and thumbs 

The weeks that must pass 

Before Santa-Claus comes 

Then as the first snowflakes  

Begin to come down 

And the wind whistles sharp and the 

Branches are brown 

I won’t mind the cold though my fingers are numb 

For it brings the time nearer when Santa-Claus comes 

Then on Christmas Eve 

Out of the window 

The sky is dark and the 

Ground is white  

The world is peaceful 

On this wintry night 

No one around  

Not a laugh not a car 

Not even a bird 

For a moment it’s just 

The snow and me 

Then in the darkness  

I hear a jingling   

Santa and Rudolph 

They’re here they’re here 


Inspiration Prize: Maya  

Our Planet 

The world so round,  

The world where anything can be found, 

The ripe, red apples, 

The multi coloured grapes, 

The trees and flowers as tall as towers, 

Reading books and playing games, 

Watching birds soar like flames, 

Those who live to protect, 

And those that need to accept, 

That global warming is real, 

And that everyone wants to live in their world ideal, 

From big swaying elephants , 

To rather small ants, 

The world isn't a toy, 

And if we choose to destroy, 

There will be no joy. 

Poetry courses are provided by ETC International College.

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This competition is Supported and Funded by BH Coastal Lottery fund

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Meet The Judges


Virginia Macgregor

Virginia Macgregor is currently Head of Creative Writing at Wellington College.

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David Jones

Principal of ETC International College,

Vice-Chair of the International Education Association of Bournemouth,

Christchurch and Poole

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Cllr Lawrence William

Ward Councillor for Littledown &

Iford Vice-Chairman Audit &

Governance Conservative

Spokesman for Culture and Leisure

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Harvey Martin

Local Poet from Virginia Water Council


Ms Jane Millward

Jane Millward was appointed Chief Executive Officer in March 2019.

Jane joined E-ACT as a regional education director in September 2016 before being appointed national director of education in February 2017.

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