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2020 Superhero Costume Design Competition

Yap Sze Ling_Best Worldwide Design.JPG

At Wisdom Foundation, we are looking for Pen Buddies Superheroes and we need your help! Our superheroes’ job is to use their knowledge and passion to learn to communicate wisdom to the rest of the world. They are missing a part that is vital as it enables them to complete their mission. Their outfits help them to use their superpowers better.

2020 Global PenBuddies Competition winners are:

Emerging Talent Award   

1. Kyra, UK

2. Axl Loke, Malaysia

3. Kostya, Russia

4. Bach Diep Trinh, Vietnam

Creativity Award

1. Maxwell, UK

2. Jason Tan, Malaysia

3. Amalia, Russia

Best National Design Award

1. Layla-Mae, UK

2. Cynthia Ang, Malaysia

3. Denis, Russia

4. Quang Dung Nguyen, Vietnam

Best Worldwide Design Award - Yap Sze Ling from Malaysia

Congratulations to all participants. This year we have received 33 submissions from UK, Russia, Vietnam and Malaysia.

Our judges:

Cllr Lawrence William, Mayor of Bournemouth 2018

Catherine Nicholls, Wisdom Foundation Co-Founder and Chair

Anastasia Petrova, Trustee, PenBuddies Project Director

Samanta Shapley, PenBuddies Project UK Ambassador, Model

Apollo Avery, Animation student, Freelance Artist 


All participants have received certificates of appreciation, and the winners have received their prizes. If you see your name above and was not contacted, please, email to

The next phase of the competition - all Best National Design winners' costumes will be made as real outfits by fashion students and showcased in a virtual show. Watch this space!

Superhero Costume Design Competition
on London Fashion week.

 Event Co-organised with:

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