How does it work?
1. If your child is 7-11 y.o., and would like to get a pen pal from another country, then this Programme is for you
2. Go to Contact form using the link below and provide your postal address
3. You will receive the package and the letter from your Pen Buddy
4. Use activities and learning materials to learn new things and have fun
5. Write a letter to your Pen Buddy and share what you have learnt and attach any drawings or any other crafting
6. Send the letter to the provided address
We are regularly uploading new materials with activities to our repository. Please, use the link below.
Learning Materials
You will find bite-size learning materials by following link below
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"Exploring the World Together" 

Below is the schedule of our regular  online workshops for  children age 6 -12, you may check availability  and register. 

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